Leeds University UCU main contacts:

Email to ucu@leeds.ac.uk

Phone 35904 (external: 0113 343 5904)

Post: UCU, Room 7.51, EC Stoner Building, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT. (The office is currently closed because of the covid-19 pandemic.)

Directions to 7.51 UCU office and 7.52 trade unions committee room

To update your membership details: ‘My UCU‘ (top of the front page on ucu.org.uk), or phone 0333 207 0719 if unable to do online.

To join: ucu.org.uk/join

For news, support and advice from the national union: ucu.org.uk

Media enquiries

For media enquiries please contact:

For student media project enquiries please contact the branch office. On strike days please come to the picket line by the main entrance rather than contacting the branch (or regional) office.

Updating email address / unsubscribing from emails

We occasionally get requests to unsubscribe from the local UCU members email list, particularly during busy periods. We don’t maintain the local email list as a separate list – it is regularly updated directly from the national UCU membership database to ensure it’s up to date and accurate. To change the email address UCU uses (locally and nationally), update your contact details on ‘My UCU’ (see above).

If you want to unsubscribe from all emails from UCU you can do so by emailing leave-ucu-members@mercury.ucu.org.uk. We would recommend not unsubscribing as this will also mean that the union can’t send you email consultative ballots and other important information for your democratic participation in the union. (It may also make it difficult to log in to ‘My UCU’ to update your details, but in that case you could always contact the membership team by phone 0333 207 0719).

The branch committee appreciates that email traffic is relatively high during disputes, but does try to keep it to the minimum needed to get the necessary information to members.

If you want to have UCU emails to refer to but you’d prefer not have them interrupt your work inbox, we’d recommend setting up a separate folder for emails sent from the ucu email addresses and creating an outlook rule to move them there automatically. If you use Gmail you can drag a few UCU emails to the “updates” folder and then they’ll then just go there automatically. Or use a home email address instead if you’d rather have the emails there.