UCU members at the University of Leeds elect a committee to run union affairs in between the all-member general meetings. (General meetings of all members are the primary decision making mechanism locally, committee meetings are the secondary one.) Election is for one year from 1 August. The committee can appoint up to four additional committee members.

Current members of the committee are:

Committee officers

President: Vicky Blake
Vice-president: Tim Goodall
Treasurer: Nigel Bubb
Honorary secretary: Brendon Nicholls
Recruitment and membership secretary: Ben Plumpton
Equality secretary: Gabriella Alberti
Campaigns secretary: Lesley McGorrigan
Health and safety secretary: Neil Maughan

Elected committee members

Alaric Hall
Andy Stafford
Andy West
Charles Umney
Gavin Reid
George Ellison
Hugh Hubbard
Jill Edwards
Jonathan Saha
Kelli Zezulka
Kyle Griffith
Malcolm Povey
Mark Taylor-Batty
Mark Walkley
Paul Steenson
Simon Hewitt
Steve Lax
Steven French