UCU members at the University of Leeds elect a committee to run union affairs in between the all-member general meetings. (General meetings of all members are the primary decision making mechanism locally, committee meetings are the secondary one.) Election is for one year from 1 August. The committee can appoint up to four additional committee members.

Current members of the committee are:

Committee officers

President: Vicky Blake
Vice-president: Tim Goodall
Treasurer: Nigel Bubb
Joint honorary secretaries: Alaric Hall and Jonathan Saha
Recruitment and membership secretary: Ben Plumpton
Equality secretary: Gabriella Alberti
Campaigns secretary: Lesley McGorrigan
Health and safety secretary: Neil Maughan

Elected committee members

Andy Stafford
Andy West
Brendon Nicholls
Charles Umney
Gavin Reid
George Ellison
Hugh Hubbard
Jill Edwards
Kelli Zezulka
Kyle Griffith
Megan Povey
Mark Taylor-Batty
Mark Walkley
Paul Steenson
Simon Hewitt
Steve Lax
Steven French