University wants to add a new reason for dismissal – any reason!

Multiple choice question, check all that apply.

Q1. What are the grounds for dismissal at the University of Leeds?

☑ Incapable
☑ Misconduct
☑ Ill-health
☑ Redundancy
 ?  Some [read ‘any’] other substantial reason

The university wants to add a new reason for dismissal ‘some other substantial reason’ to our Statutes, which would make it easier to dismiss people for any reason. For example, a conflict of interest or personality clash, third party pressure, raising insufficient funding, not publishing enough, not having a PhD, or criticising management.
UCU opposes this and we want your views on what to do next.

Members please come to the General Meeting, Tuesday 6 December, 1pm-2pm, Roger Stevens lecture theatre 14.

Non-members please join!

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