Statutes – our campaign and industrial action

You will have received  the Vice Chancellor’s email yesterday urging you not to take part in the industrial action voted for by UCU members. We do appreciate the seriousness of taking industrial action on an open day but we feel this is warranted by the seriousness of the threat we face from SOSR. Please support the action as this gives us the best chance of making progress on the dispute.  Here’s what we are asking you to do (in order of importance):

  1. Strike on Thursday 22 June.  Do not go into work, and do not reschedule activities planned for that day. You don’t need to tell anyone in advance that you will be taking strike action, but should answer truthfully if you are asked after the strike.  Please volunteer to help on the picket lines/info stall at the Open Day – it’s fun, perfectly legal, and may involve elephants. Email to let us know what times you can help.
  2. Action Short of a Strike (ASOS) begins on Friday 16 June and goes on until the dispute is settled. We will be working to contract – we anticipate the FAQ and guidance will follow from HQ later today.
  3. UCU info and publicity stall, Saturday 17 June (9 am to noon), outside the university, handing out information to Open Day visitors. Email to let us know you’re coming.
  4. UCU info and publicity stall, Friday 23 June (9 am to 2 pm), outside the university, join the demo on your breaks, or use a half day holiday. Email to let us know what times you’re coming.

The substantive issues concerning our statutes, over which we were all balloted, remain as follows:

  • Inclusion of an option to dismiss (‘terminate’) staff for “some other substantial reason” (SOSR). (This is evident as point 8e under Part IV of the now titled “Ordinance: procedure for the resolution of substantial employment issues”);
  • No medically qualified chair for panels deciding dismissal for ill health;
  • No independent legally qualified practitioner for appeals against dismissal, other than in the new ‘substantial issues’ procedure.

Unity is our strength; please continue with your support for the campaign and the industrial action. We will continue to publish more information on our website – please keep an eye on this website and follow us on Twitter (@leedsucu) for updates. 

If you have any queries about this, please contact

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