Members seeking personal assistance

UCU works with individual members providing assistance with problems arising from their employment by the University of Leeds.

The range of problems that are covered is very wide including, for example, potential disciplinary action, renewal of fixed term contracts, pensions, promotion and career development, study leave and research facilities, and harassment.

Members are strongly encouraged to contact the UCU as early as possible in the development of a problem. Experience shows that rapid reference to the UCU can often nip a problem in the bud while it may be too late to be of effective help if matters are allowed to develop without UCU intervention.

In particular, any member of the UCU who is summoned to attend a meeting for disciplinary reasons with their Head of Department, or other person to whom they are responsible, should immediately alert the Leeds UCU. It is our strong advice that they only attend such a meeting in the presence of an UCU representative: however, the final decision on whether to be accompanied is up to the member her/himself.

If you are a member and find yourself in a situation where you require support from UCU. Please contact us in the first instance on Initially you will be asked to provide, via email if possible, details of the issue, what outcomes you hope to achieve and how you see UCU assisting you to achieve these outcomes.

nexium prescriptions cost per month Please Note: You have to have been a member for 90 days prior to an issue arising to recieve full support from UCU. If you do not meet this criteria, we may be able to offer you some advice to help with the issue but you will not be entitled to legal assistance.

Individual cases

Regardless of the University claims about staff ‘well being’, the real state of the relationship between the university and its staff can be fairly objectively measured in terms of the number of ‘personal’ cases the UCU negotiates with management at any one time. This is currently at its highest level in the history of the UCU (and its predecessor the AUT). As a result we are looking for volunteers to help the committee with personal cases. This involves some formal training and a small time commitment. In return you will have the satisfaction of helping your colleagues and your union, and generally making Leeds University a nicer place to work. You might also consider becoming a departmental representative, particularly if there is no one in your area, or even joining the committee!


Leeds UCU has worked closely with the University to develop the new workplace mediation service. We hope that this will help prevent some situations developing into union personal cases. Full details of the service are available at

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