Joining Leeds UCU

All academic and academic-related staff of the University of Leeds, permanent or fixed-term, are eligible to join Leeds UCU. This includes students studying to teach in further education who are eligible for free membership.

For further information contact the Leeds UCU Office. The quickest, easiest and safest way of joining is online via the UCU website


The subscription is made up of a online national subscription and  local subscription, both on a sliding scale.

The current national subscription rates are at

The current additional local subscription rates are at

Student membership

Students who do are also employed to do paid work for the university (e.g. teaching) should apply for full membership of the union. Subscriptions are based on earnings, so if you’re only earning a small amount from the university your union subs will be low.

If you are a postgraduate student planning a career in higher education (but *not* an employed postgraduate student) you are eligible for Student membership. This category of membership is free while you complete your studies.

To upgrade from Student membership to Full membership (when you start doing paid work for the university) go to and click on “my other details”.

Union membership between jobs

While UCU is making progress here at Leeds in pushing back the culture of casualisation of academia, there are still be times in many of our careers that we are between jobs. Union membership is free once your contract finishes until you start your next contract. Contact the membership department to set this up. (Membership can be free for unemployed members for up to 12 months.)

Your union membership when you retire

There are different options to choose from when you retire. For details see


Tax relief

Members are entitled to tax relief on 67% of their National Subscription. See further details by following

Further Information

For further information see or email

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