Officers and committee members 2015-2016

Committee officers
President: Mark Taylor-Batty (School of English)
Vice-President: Vicky Blake (Educational Engagement)
Treasurer: Jeremy Toner (Institute for Transport Studies)
Joint Honorary Secretary: Gavin Reid (School of Chemistry)
Joint Honorary Secretary: Brendon Nicholls (School of English)
Equality Secretary: Briony Thomas (School of Design)
Campaigns Secretary: Lesley McGorrigan (School of Psychology)
Health and Safety Secretary: Neil Maughan (Faculty of Biological Sciences)
Recruitment and Membership Secretary: Ben Plumpton (Library)
Past President: Ann Blair (School of Law)

Committee members
Andy West (School of Biology)
Gabriella Alberti (Leeds University Business School)
Hugh Hubbard (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Malcolm Povey (School of Food Science and Nutrition)
Mark Walkley (School of Computing)
Nick Efford (School of Computing)
Nigel Bubb (School of Dentistry)
Paul Steenson (Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
Steven French (School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science)
Elwyn Isaac (School of Biology)
Steve Lax (School of Media and Communication)
Tim Goodall (Faculty of Biological Sciences) co-opted environmental representative
Jonathan Saha (School of History) co-opted UAF member

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