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  • Leeds UCU president on BBC Radio Leeds

    May 25, 2016: Mark Taylor-Batty spoke tonight to Gayle Lofthouse about pay, the gender pay gap and casualisation in HE on BBC Radio Leeds. Use the BBC Listen again function to catch his interview here (scroll to the 2:17 point):       Read more
  • Links to FAQs and further info on the current dispute

    May 18, 2016: UCU consultation on HE pay (Oct/Nov 2016) Industrial action in HE FAQs Timeline so far Rate for the job Guidance for External Examiners The response of the National Union of Students Leaflet for students Leaflet for members new to industrial action about striking and ‘working to contract’ Read more
  • Campaign posters – May/June 2016

    May 11, 2016: Please download, print and display these posters on your office doors and other areas visible to students. Gender pay balance poster – click here to download Casualisation poster  – click here to download Pay campaign poster  – click here to download Read more
  • Open letter to the VC on pay

    May 5, 2016: Dear Vice-Chancellor, I am writing this open email to you on behalf of UCU members at the University of Leeds. As you know, in the meeting of New Joint Negotiating Committee for Higher Education Staff last week, the university employers made a full and final offer of a 1.1% pay rise for 2016, fractionally improving upon ... Read more
  • How much have you lost this month?

    April 27, 2016: We recently informed you about the reduction to your pay that will occur at the end of this month: Check your April salary statement, to see how much you have lost this month compared to your March payment. Or indeed compared to March 2015. Most people can now check their salary statements online: Go to this link – ... Read more
  • What is the UCU asking for?

    April 13, 2016: As the ballot opens, we want here to make clear what your union is asking for: Unite, UCU, GMB and EIS submitted the following key points of the national claim for this year’s new JNCHES negotiations. 5% increase to all spine points on the 51 point national pay scale agreed minimum rates of pay for roles within all ... Read more
  • The April 2016 cuts to take-home pay

    April 6, 2016: How much will you be losing this month? We recommend that you keep hold of your March payslip, stick it on your fridge and keep it to hand, to compare with the one you’ll get in April and after. You will then clearly see the effect of the increases in National Insurance and of USS Pensions ... Read more
  • Senior pay and the pay campaign

    November 23, 2015: The UCU’s Freedom of Information request on VC and Principals’ pay revealed that in 2013/14, the average vice-chancellor salary for was £260,290. Eighteen vice- chancellors enjoyed a pay increase of more than 10%, with the largest being 70.2%. On average vice-chancellors were paid 6.4 times more than the average salary of staff. The union’s data also ... Read more
  • Car Parking and Pay

    November 16, 2015: Those of you with a car parking permit will be handing your  forthcoming 1% pay increase (December) back to the University (from January) in the form of increased parking costs, especially those on lower incomes who will pay a higher proportion of salary. Those of us who use the train will see a 1% increase ... Read more
  • Pay equality – it would be nice

    November 9, 2015: According to HESA data from 2012/13, it was established that • Female professors were paid an average 6.0% less than the average paid to male professors. • Among all academic staff, including professors, the gap is much more pronounced, at 12.6%, a difference of £6,042 per year. • 22.2% of professors are female, and only 5.2% of female academic staff ... Read more
  • 1% and future inflation

    November 2, 2015: We’ve previously outlined how you have experienced a 15% loss in the real-term value of your pay over five years against inflation, during which time universities’ reserves have risen by 58% and their income by 15%. We want to address the issue of inflation again, but instead look ahead to the future. We’ve seen our pay ... Read more
  • Your employer assumes your pay will grow by up to 4.5%, but gives you 1%

    October 26, 2015: Last December, during the pension debate, your employer recommended via Universities UK that USS should assume a 2.4% pay settlement for 2015-16 for the purposes of calculating pensions liabilities (read ‘deficit’). They then turned to you and insisted on a ‘full and final offer’ of 1%. How do you feel about that? Your pension is going to ... Read more
  • University cash reserves grow by 58%

    October 19, 2015: Last week, we explained how the take-home value of your salary has been eroded by 15% over the last five years. Today, we’ll map that decline in the value of your pay against UK university finances, to challenge any sense that our pay has been squeezed because of the health of HEIs’s finances. A HEFCE report ... Read more
  • You are paid less

    October 12, 2015: You will recall that, earlier this year, your union issued a consultative ballot over the pay issue, and that members voted to reject the 1% pay offer. In the next few weeks, we want to offer some information to contextualise the union’s concerns. Today’s is the first of these messages: you are being paid significantly ... Read more
  • Workload / pay

    March 8, 2015: Workload / pay Read more

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