Problems at work

To get help with a work-related problem email or phone 35904 (0113 343 5904) and we will arrange for a UCU caseworker to support you. UCU caseworkers are members of the branch who are trained to deal with work-related problems.

If appropriate your caseworker will seek legal advice and representation for you, but most issues are dealt with direct with the employer.

To make sure we can support you with a problem at work, join the union when you start work, not when things start to go wrong.

Sexual harassment helpline

Sexual harassment helpline 0800 138 8724

This is a dedicated service for UCU members which any UCU member can reach on 0800 138 8724. The helpline is in collaboration with Education Support Partnership (Ed Support). Any member who has concerns or is experiencing sexual harassment can call 0800 138 8724 in confidence, free of charge and 24/7 to talk about their experience, discuss options, receive counselling (if clinically appropriate) and details of further sources of support, if necessary. For more details see

Legal advice

For legal advice about immigration employment issues, police matters relating to work, or personal injury, see

For work-related advice, ask for a UCU caseworker as above. It’s not usually necessary to get legal advice on a work-related issue.

Support, counselling, debt/budgeting advice and assistance, time management and wellbeing advice

UCU members contribute to the Education Support Partnership, which provides support and advice on a whole range of issues. You can contact Education Support Partnership 24 hours a day by phone, email, text or webchat. For details see

Continuous professional development

UCU members have access to a range of courses to help you at work. For details see

Offers from law, finance and insurance companies

For details of these arrangements, which includes a will service, see