UCU members at the University of Leeds elect a committee to run union affairs in between the all-member general meetings. (General meetings of all members are the primary decision making mechanism locally, committee meetings are the secondary one.) Election is for one year from 1 September. The committee can appoint up to four additional committee members.

Current committee members for the academic year 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024 are:

Committee officers

President: Aisha Walker
Vice-president: Kate Hardy
Immediate past president: Chloe Wallace
Treasurer: Nigel Bubb
Honorary secretary: Vicky Blake
Membership officer: Emily Haikney
Equality officer: Jenny Rivas Perez
Campaigns officer: Xanthe Whittaker
Health and safety officer: Neil Maughan
Anti-casualisation officer: Sandy James

Committee members

Alexandra Seehaus (from February 2024)
Anja Komatar (from February 2024)
Andy Rylands
Asiya Islam
David Harvie
Hugh Hubbard
Jane Holgate
Jenny Rivas Perez
Laura Loyola Hernandez
Mark Taylor-Batty
Mette Wiggen
Omar AlShehabi
Rachel Walls
Stuart Hodkinson
Tim Goodall
Tom Haines-Doran
Valeria Tolis

UCU members at University of Leeds elect a new committee each year at or after the Annual General Meeting. Find out more at standing for election to the UCU branch committee.

(The list above doesn’t include people elected to the committee but have since left.)

Committee leads

The committee often appoints ordinary members to lead on specific priority areas of the committee’s work. This is not the same as an elected branch officer position – committee leads are typically not allocated facility time and are supported by a branch officer who has overall responsibility for that area of work.

Black members equality: vacant (call for volunteers open)
Migrant members equality: Laura Loyola Hernandez
LGBT+ members equality: Anja Komatar
Disabled members equality: (call for volunteers open)
Women members equality: (call for volunteers open)
Issues affecting academic-related professional services members: Andi Rylands
Issues affecting members who are postgraduate students: Alexandra Seehaus
Climate change and the ecological emergency: Stuart Hodkinson
Pensions: Mark Taylor-Batty
Communications: Rachel Walls

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