Working groups are set up by the branch committee as a way for members, including elected reps and committee members, to get involved in the detail of what we do as a union. They let us discuss issues in more detail than we can at either an all-members general meeting or at the branch committee meeting (which typically have agendas even more packed than the general meetings). Some working groups are made up of members of the committee, for others the committee asks other members or reps to get involved.

The union rules are that we all make decisions collectively at general meetings or ballots, and that normally only the full committee can make decisions in-between those all-member democratic processes, not a smaller working group. Members of the working groups, and action group, work on the detail and make recommendations to the committee, and work on actions that the committee has agreed.

Action group and activist discussion groups

Membership: open to all members

Action group convenor: branch campaigns officer

To join action group, sign up to the action group email lists. There is one list just to receive notices of meetings, and another if you want to join in email discussions.

There is a LeedsUCU activists WhatsApp group, and some areas have their own UCU discussion groups organised by the department reps.

To avoid fake sign-ups we’re not posting the email list or WhatsApp sign-up details on this page – ask your UCU department rep, a branch committee member or the branch administrator.

This page was last updated on 12 October 2023