Below are the department reps elected from May/June 2022 until the elections in May/June 2024, including reps elected at by-elections during this period and excluding any who have stood down since election.

If there isn’t a UCU department rep for your immediate workplace, please contact one of the other reps in the faculty or email Caseworkers aren’t listed here – for any casework issues, please email or phone 35904.

Corporate services

Digital Education Service

Department rep Claudia Rogers


Department rep and health and safety rep Andi Rylands


Department rep Emily Haikney

Department equality rep Deirdre Andre

Lifelong Learning Centre

Department rep Rachel Walls

Organisational Development and Professional Learning

Department rep Jennifer Rivas Perez

Research and Innovation Service

Department rep Poppy Leeder

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures


Department rep Chris Carr

Fine art, history of art and cultural studies

Department rep Elspeth Mitchell

Department equality rep Gill Park

Languages, Cultures and Societies, School of

Department workloads rep Sarah Hudspith

Department health and safety rep Ingrid Sharp

Department anti-casualisation rep Corinne Painter

Department equality rep Sascha Stollhans

Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Department rep Ruba Khamam


Department rep Paul White


Department rep Sarah Waters

German, Russian and Slavonic Studies

Department rep Ingrid Sharp

Language Centre

Department rep Angela Hulme

Department health and safety reps (role share) Denise de Pauw and Sara Montgomery

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Department rep Richard Cleminson

Media and Communication, School of

Department rep (role share) Helen Thornham

Department rep (role share) Joanne Armitage

Department anti-casualisation rep Miriam Kent

Department postgraduate rep Sarah Lahm

Music, School of

Department rep Ewan Stefani

Department workloads rep James Mooney

Performance and Cultural Industries

Department rep (role share) Jonathan Price

Department rep (role share) Mattie Elliott

Department health and safety rep ally Walsh

Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science

Department rep Simon Hewitt

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Biology, School of

Department rep Chris Hassall

Leeds University Business School

Leeds University Business School

Department rep Jane Holgate

Department postgraduate rep Alexandra Seehaus


Economics department rep and health and safety rep Stefan Kesting

International Business

International business department rep Andreas Georgiadis

People, Work and Employment

People, Work and Employment department rep Vera Trappmann

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science

Chemistry, School of

Department rep Sandy James

Department anti-casualisation rep Lavinia Onel

Civil Engineering, School of

Department rep Barbara Evans

Electronic and electrical engineering

Department rep Paul Steenson

Mechanical Engineering, School of

Department rep Hau Hing Chau

Department equality rep Briony Thomas

Physics and Astronomy, School of

Department rep Kevin Critchley

Faculty of Environment


Department rep (role share) Asa Roast

Department rep (role share) Tim Baker

Department workloads rep Stuart Hodkinson

Earth and Environment

Department rep Natalie Kopytko

Transport Studies

Department rep David Watling

Faculty of Medicine and Health


Department rep Nigel Bubb

Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research (LICTR)

Department rep Duncan Wilson (role share)

Department rep Jamie Oughton (role share)

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS)

Department rep Dan Howdon

Psychology, School of

Department rep Charity Brown

Faculty of Social Sciences

Education, School Of

Department rep (role share) Indira Banner

Department rep (role share) Richard Badger

Law, School of

Department rep Chris Dietz

Department workloads rep Carrie Bradshaw

Department equality rep Amanda Keeling

Politics and International Studies, School of

Department rep (role share) Jonathan Dean, Charlie Dannreuther and Lata Narayanaswamy

Department postgraduate rep George Aylett

Sociology and social policy

Department rep Maria Rovisco

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